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Photographer meeting & food!

On Thursday last week, we went through to Kilmarnock to to meet our photographers. We ran through what times they are going to arrive and when we would take the group photos as well as the order we will do them in and which ones we would get taken. It was lovely to see them again, and it was great to get the order of the day sorted out a bit more as well.

On the way home we popped in to the large Hobbycraft at the Glasgow Fort so that I could pick up 9 of the square wooden frames that I'm planning to paint then use to put the table names in since we are having tall centrepieces on each table. I had got one in the Hobbycraft near us last week and once I had decided they were the correct size, I wanted to make sure I could get them.

Once we got home, I had an email from our venue coordinator with the additional menu price attached. Lets just say it was way more than we were willing to pay and following a bit of back and forward emailing, it turns out they had put the wrong main course price in our brochure! So we have changed our mind and decided to have the chicken we tasted instead, as it was also lovely, as we felt that the beef with a cheaper cut just wouldn't be the same!

I also managed to email our band with our first dance choice and a request for another song we would like them to play, both of which they are going to practice in their upcoming rehearsals.

On another note, since its now March, I cant believe I can now say im getting married next month! I also have my second dress fitting tomorrow at lunchtime.


  1. You're getting so close! This month will fly by!

  2. What a pain about the mis pricing... But glad it got sorted. And yes, it's getting so close!

  3. Ouch, that is annoying about the food. But I'm sure the chicken will be great, it looked yummy.


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