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Hen Weekend - Part 2

After a fabulous night on the Friday, me and my bridesmaids had to get up pretty early as we had a taxi booked for 10am to get us to their dress fitting appointment at 10.30am. I felt I really should go too since I had made the appointment since it was the only time both Ashleigh and Hazel would be up until the wedding. Some were a little worse for wear than others but we made it there and back no problem, and all of the dresses looked lovely.

We came back to the house for around 12pm and everyone else was up and ready, waiting for food! The venue provided us with a hangover brunch which was great. Afterwards we had a lovely lazy day, some went back to bed for a while, since we had another night ahead! My nephew Enzo had joined us too since Daddy and Grandad were heading up to Perth for Grahams stag night. The house had a hot tub in the garden so we thought we should check it out, despite the fact it was freezing outside! Thankfully it was so hot and was great fun for a little while. I haven't got any of those pics yet, which is probably a good thing, but there were a few of me in the hot tub surrounded by the girls, sipping pink sparkling wine!

After the hot tub we started getting ready for the evening ahead. I wasn't allowed to come down until everyone else was ready, the room was set up and my aunt and cousin had arrived. When I was called down, the room had been transformed with an American / New York theme {since we got engaged there and its one of my favourite cities}, with flags everywhere, New York songs on the iPod, and I was given my very own lady liberty tiara to wear, as well as my bride-to-be sash from the night before. Before we sat down to dinner, we had to get some photos of everyone altogether before too many drinks were consumed!

After a lovely Indian meal, we sat down with drinks and the entertainment began! My mum, aunt and bridesmaid Lucy's mum had prepared a few numbers, describing the history of New York City, which was absolutely hilarious! There was a Native Indian story in which me, Grahams mum and my other aunt had to help with the actions; some Broadway songs; the grand old duke of york complete with the full song actions; a boat song with actions among other things, and they ended with the American National Anthem which they had learned specially for the occasion! They had made loads of props to assist with their story and we were all given American flags to wave during the anthem!

Then it was over to my bridesmaids who had organised loads of things. We had some party games including a race to see which team could pass a balloon between our legs to the end and then a get blindfolded and pin the penis on a picture of Chris Noth, part of the New York; Sex and the City theme! There was also a sex and the city quiz which I'm glad to say my team won, with only 1 wrong answer; I think I watch too much of that program! Throughout the evening I also had to answer a series of questions that Helen had asked Graham previously, to see if I would get them right! Each question was hidden inside a balloon which I had to first burst without using my hands or feet {after a few I gave up and got everyone to burst one with the flag cocktail sticks!} I managed to get some correct but some I was totally rubbish at - Graham must have given the wrong answers!

There were also the obligatory willie straws to use while drinking during the night too and after a quick shot on Sing Star on the venue's PlayStation, some headed to bed while the rest of us drank and chatted for quite a while, think it was around 4.30am when we finally called it a night! The next day we had breakfast booked for 11am which gave us a chance to have a longer lie before checking out. I had an absolutely brilliant weekend and my bridesmaids did so well organising everything for me; massive thank you to you all!


  1. Fun! Love the Sex and the City theme!

  2. You got two hen nights! Lucky thing. Looks like you picked the right girls - they made so much effort!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Those picture frames are beautiful!. Thanks for sharing. hen weekend ideas memories. I really liked your blog.


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