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Holden's Nursery

I finally got round to taking some photos of Holden's nursery, just before we took it all apart and moved everything to my parents house. I'm really going to miss the grey stripe wall and hope that the new owners keep it. We still have some of the paint left so I think we might recreate it in his room in our new house.

While we bought almost everything before Holden was born, there are still a few things that I didn't get a chance to finish or put on the wall, especially once we knew we would be moving out, including his punch collages (like these I made for my niece) and his height chart. The white wooden H on his shelves is still to be spray painted blue, like his drawer number pulls, and I have another H & an R which I'm going to cover with patterned paper. We also have his full name in large MDF letters that we bought before he was born and we always intended to paint grey and hang on the build out above his cot but once we decided to move we thought it made mor…

3 Years

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary.

I know I say the same every year but this last year really has flown by. We had a busy 2012 watching Holden grow, and a couple of weddings and holidays. So far the start of 2013 has involved Holden turning 1, my return to work, selling our flat, and moving temporarily to my parents house.

We have lots to look forward in our fourth year of marriage including our new house being completed in the summer and taking Holden to Florida at the end of November.

(Image by Craig & Eva Sanders)
We are having a quiet evening tonight then we will celebrate properly in a few weeks by enjoying a tasting menu meal at Martin Wishart, which was our Christmas present from my parents.