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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Norton House Arrival

After around a 40 minute drive, we arrived at our reception venue, Norton House Hotel. Our car must have been fairly fast as we were out of the car before the photographers arrived so we did have to jump back in for a couple of photos first!

After we properly got out of the car, we were greeted by the piper and a glass of bubbly! The other cars had arrived by this time so mum and Ashleigh helped to lift my train and we made our way inside. The hotel wanted to show us the reception room all set up before anyone else got to see it so we went to have a look and everything looked great, with just a minor layout change needed to the top table.

By then the rest of the guests had arrived and we spoke to a few more that we hadnt seen at the church, while they also got their welcome drink and some canapes.

Then it was time to head outside for the first of the photos, the guest group shot...
(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)

03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Congratulations

Following our photos on the church steps, the bridal party and the rest of our guests piled out of the church and came to congratulate us both. We stood just outside the main door by our car so we could see everyone coming out.

I love that last photo above of me, my mum and Grahams mum all laughing as my mum had just tried to kiss me but her massive hat had almost knocked my tiara off!

There was also some confetti from Grahams gran and aunt, one piece of which I found in my tiara when I was taking it off at around 4am!

Then it was time for us to get into our car, this time we were going in the Jaguar as our parents were going in the bigger Rolls Royce. It was so funny when I was trying to get my dress in and the poor driver just had to shove it all in behind me! The last photo below is another of my favourites as we both look so happy. I've currently got it framed in a black square frame which suits the photo perfectly.

The others got into their cars and the guests got into the bus, a…

03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Recessional

When our ceremony was over and the last hymn had been sung, we turned to face all of our guests. The pianist started playing our recessional song and we begun the walk back down the aisle as Mr & Mrs!

Although we had turned to face all of our guests while we were signing the register, this was the first time I really saw anyone properly. The best man, bridesmaids and ushers followed behind us, then our parents after them, followed by the rest of the guests.

Once we got down the stairs to the main door of the church, we got some photos on the steps.

Then everyone piled out behind us to congratulate us outside... (All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)

03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Ceremony Part 2

We had chosen to sign the register in front of everyone, rather than going into the small vestry, so after a prayer, we made our way up the stairs to the alter.

We signed the register then our witnesses, my sister and Grahams cousin, also signed before we posed for a few photos of the occasion.

After we were married, the whole congregation sang the blessing which was lovely and the minister gave his address. Graham’s uncle Brian then did the reading entitled ‘This Day I married my best friend’. Then we just had the final hymn to go, or so we thought!

As if the first surprise wasn’t enough, the minister then announced that there was another one to come! This time, my aunt, Janice, and Graham's aunt, Heather, who are also our godmothers, got up to present us with a bible signed by them on our wedding day. Again they had discussed this with the minister beforehand but im not sure who thought of the idea first.

We then sang the final hymn 'The Lords My Shepherd', before we could b…

03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Ceremony Part 1

The ceremony started with the minister welcoming everyone and making a joke about how Graham didn’t think I would be that late! Everyone was laughing which you can really see in the photos and I love that you can see my sister Ashleigh and bridesmaid Lucy laughing behind us too.

I revealed our ceremony back in February and it all went to plan, except for a couple of surprises! We started with the hymn 'Let's Praise the Creater', then mum read from 1 John 4: 7-13, 16-19 before the 2nd hymn 'Jesus Stand Among Us'. The marriage was supposed to happen next but first we had one of our family surprises.

The minister started talking about how much work I had put into sorting the ceremony order and that when I was making the order of services’, I didn’t account for a surprise. Neither of us had a clue what was coming and we looked over at each other. Our flowergirl, Georgia, then got up to sing a song for us. I think she almost had the whole church in tears and it was such a…