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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Congratulations

Following our photos on the church steps, the bridal party and the rest of our guests piled out of the church and came to congratulate us both. We stood just outside the main door by our car so we could see everyone coming out.

I love that last photo above of me, my mum and Grahams mum all laughing as my mum had just tried to kiss me but her massive hat had almost knocked my tiara off!

There was also some confetti from Grahams gran and aunt, one piece of which I found in my tiara when I was taking it off at around 4am!

Then it was time for us to get into our car, this time we were going in the Jaguar as our parents were going in the bigger Rolls Royce. It was so funny when I was trying to get my dress in and the poor driver just had to shove it all in behind me! The last photo below is another of my favourites as we both look so happy. I've currently got it framed in a black square frame which suits the photo perfectly.

The others got into their cars and the guests got into the bus, as directed by our ushers. Then it was time to head off to our reception at Norton House...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Greeting our guests after the ceremony and hearing their congratulations was such a fun time that I truly loved. From these great pictures, I can see that you had fun, too. :)

  2. I loved this part of the day it was like an impromptu receiving line.

  3. Anonymous19/8/10 23:24

    Especially love the last pic in the car... your smile is amazing there :D

  4. I always like this bit of other people's weddings when you can finally talk to the newlyweds (and get up close to see the dress in it's glory!).


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