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Back in Edinburgh!

We finally got back to Edinburgh today after having 5 extra nights in the Maldives. We managed to get on the flight yesterday back to London then after a night in the Travelodge near the airport, we flew up to Edinburgh today.

I'm preparing to start my new job tomorrow so I'm not sure when my recaps will start and I also have lots of stuff still to tell you about that I ran out of time for before the wedding. The honeymoon was all excellent as well so plenty to share about that too!

I currently have 853 items in my google reader so its going to take some time for me to catch up with everyone's news too!

Stuck in Paradise!

So we should have arrived back in Edinburgh today after flying to London yesterday but our flight was cancelled and we are stuck on honeymoon in the Maldives! There were no flights from here today either but thankfully our tour operator, Kuoni, are paying for us to stay here for I guess as long as we have too!

Apart from that we have had a brilliant time and apart from the fact I can't start my new job tomorrow like I was supposed too, we cant really complain! {I have called and emailed my work to tell them!}

Our fantastic photographers, Craig & Eva Sanders, did all of our photos really quickly and we were sent the link to them last Tuesday. They all look wonderful and I cant wait to look at them all properly. In the meantime, we have been blogged on their blog, so please go and take a look here and let me know what you think. Here is one of the photos from their blog:
(Image from here)

I'm Married!

Woo hoo! I'm married now!

We both had a fantastic day on Saturday; everything was fab, it all went so well and to plan and for those who live nearby and knew how rubbish the Edinburgh weather had been, it even kept dry until we had completed all the photos! The day went so so quick though!

Our parents, bridesmaids, best man & ushers all did a fabulous job as well which helped the day run brilliantly. We arrived in Sri Lanka this morning and I have just had a relaxing warm stone massage which was wonderful! We start our tour of the country tomorrow morning.

Here are a couple of friends photos taken from Facebook of course, to let you have a sneak peek until we get back!