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16 Weeks

I am currently 16+1 weeks {in my 17th week} and the baby is apparently almost the size of a onion!

Not a lot to report so far, I'm still feeling pretty good apart from a couple of colds. I don't always sleep so well but as my friends keep telling me its all to prepare me for the future!
We have started to clear out the spare room, which will become the baby's room, as we are moving the bookcase to the living room and the double bed to store elsewhere {most likely Graham's parents garage}. We haven't bought any major items yet although we have chosen the pram / buggy. We are going to wait until we find out the sex so that we can decide on a colour before we buy it. We've also looked at a few cots, dressers and car seats but are going to wait a while longer until we purchase anything.

I have made a couple of smaller purchases though, the first a Radley changing bag which I couldn't resist when I saw it in the sale and they had the black version in the Edinburgh …