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Thank you... everyone for the lovely comments on my Coming soon... post! It has been so good to finally tell everyone after weeks of keeping it a secret!
I am currently 13+5 weeks {so in my 14th week} and the baby is apparently almost the size of a lemon! This pregnancy was planned and we were lucky that it didn't take too long at all. We found out when I was almost 5 weeks so it was hard not being able to share our news with everyone. We told our parents and sisters first then waited until our first scan at 11+3 weeks to tell the rest of our family and all of our friends {many of whom had guessed since I wasn't drinking!}

I have been very lucky and been feeling pretty normal most of the time, apart from being so tired! It was lovely to have our scan so we could see there was a baby and see it jumping and wriggling around!
The baby is due on the 29th January so we have plenty time to buy everything and get organised. We are also going to find out the sex so that it makes it easier for b…

Coming soon...

...the newest member of the family!

Due to make an appearance 29th January 2012!