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40 Weeks

I'm currently 40+1 weeks and the baby is the size of a jack fruit (or a small pumpkin).

My due date came and went on Sunday without any sign of baby but this will definitely be my last bump update as I'm going in to the hospital tomorrow to be induced.

I enjoyed my first week of maternity leave then saw the midwife again on Thursday. I was only measuring 35.5 when I should have been 39 or 40 so she arranged for me to go for a scan this morning to check my fluid levels.
I spent Saturday bridesmaid dress shopping with my friends then we enjoyed a meal at Pizza Express and the cinema. Just in case anything was going to be wrong at the scan, we spent Sunday cleaning, organising the flat, stocking up the fridge, freezer and cupboards and making sure all my bags and the baby's bag were packed, ready to take with us!

The baby was fine at my scan but the fluid levels were reduced around him so I was sent to the hospital for another scan then put on a trace monitor for an hour. While b…

39 Weeks & Maternity Leave

I'm currently 39+1 weeks and the baby is still the size of a watermelon!

I finished work on Friday so today was the first official day of my maternity leave. I'm planning to take almost the full year which means I wont return to work until January 2013! I spent my first day off washing more baby clothes and packing some of my hospital bag before meeting friends for dinner.

Yesterday, my best friends threw me a baby shower which was fantastic and a lovely way to spend the afternoon. I will write more about it soon but it included family, friends, a baby, tea, cakes, fabulous games, a brilliantly decorated cake and lots of lovely gifts for the baby.

I don't see the midwife again until Thursday so tomorrow I'm going to finish packing my bag and the baby's bag and complete my birth plan. Then its just a waiting game!

2011: My year in review

Despite saying last year that I wasn't sure 2011 would come anywhere close to the fabulous 2010 we had, have as much excitement in it or that we would manage four holidays again, I think we did pretty well!

January I carried on with my honeymoonrecaps.

February I met some of the blog girls and went to London for my brother-in-laws 30th.

March I finally finished my recaps & all wedding related posts!
We had lunch at La Potiniere.

April We visited both Bratislava & Vienna.

While there, we celebrated our 1stanniversary!

Followed by dinner at The Kitchin when we returned home.
I also went to a Hollywood Hen do!

We attended a weekend wedding celebration in Perthshire.

We made a Travel Map with our paper anniversary gift.

My blog turned 2. We discovered I was pregnant just a few weeks after finding out my sister was too!

June We went to Marrakech for a week where Graham turned 30.

Zoe & Neil got married followed by A Dizzy Girl who married her Irish Boy.

July I went to London for a few days.

38 Weeks

I'm now 38 weeks and since baby reached full term at 37 weeks, he will arrive some time in the next 4 weeks. The baby is the size of a watermelon (or a leek).

Bump is still growing as you can see below and my mum noticed a big difference once they returned from their 3 weeks in Australia. They were there for Christmas and the arrival of my niece last week so got to spend some time with her and lots of time with my nephew before they came home in time for the next arrival!

Ive ordered some pictures for the baby's room and I'm waiting on a few other things including a mobile, some fabric storage baskets and a large swaddle blanket. We've washed all of the baby clothes, muslins, moses basket bedding, sheets, towels, swaddles and blankets in preparation for his arrival and now all I need to do is actually pack the bags for the hospital! We built the pram at my parents house last weekend and the car seat is ready to go in the car. Today we got our room sorted and moved the mo…

I'm an Auntie again!

My niece has now arrived over in Oz!

My sister Ashleigh had their baby girl called Willow at 8.22pm yesterday, weighing 7lb 14oz & 51cm long.

I'm so excited to hear about the new arrival and delighted for her and her husband Patrick, as well as new big brother Enzo. I'm just sorry we wont get to actually meet her and introduce her to her new cousin until next summer.

Congratulations Mummy, Daddy & big brother Enzo!

My parents are still over in Australia until next weekend so they will get to spend some time with the new baby before they come home.

I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing them all on skype this weekend.

36 Weeks & Happy New Year

I'm now 36+3 weeks which in theory means we could have less than 4 weeks to go. The baby is the size of a honeydew melon (or a crenshaw melon, whatever that is).

Bump is still growing although I still keep getting told I don't look that big. When I went to get my eyebrows threaded on Christmas Eve the women thought I was only about 5 months. I only managed a couple of photos this month, a quick one on my iPhone on Christmas Day at 35 weeks and then an actual photo last night at 36+2 but I think you can see I definitely look a lot bigger than last month.

There has been lots of progress in the baby's room; the cot and car seat were delivered and we painted stripes on the wall. We went to Ikea before Christmas, as we had £10 off vouchers to use, and bought a chest of drawers and a chair then we returned last week with another voucher to buy an expedit shelving unit. Everything has now been made up and put into place in the room. We still need to order some art for the walls and…