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This time last year...

...we had just discovered I was pregnant!

One year on and gorgeous Holden is here; 16 Weeks & 5 Days old!

Holden: Three Months

Holden's third monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned three months old three weeks ago. Again, although I did take the photos on the 1st, its taken me ages to get this post done! This month we celebrated our two year anniversary with a quiet dinner just the three of us, which Holden slept all the way through. Holden had his first set of vaccinations which were fine then we spent Easter having lunch with Grandad. Holden did get one egg, which mummy and daddy ate for him, as well as some new books from Granny and Grandad, clothes from Nanna and Grandad and we got him Spot's First Easter book. We attended our NCT reunion and it was lovely to meet all of the other babies and hear all the stories. The next day Holden also attended his first ever birthday party.

Unfortunately I've spent most of the month struggling with terrible back pain so we stayed at my parents for most of the time as its easier for me to get out from their house. After seeing a physio, …