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Holden: 13 Months

Holden's 13th monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.
Holden turned 13 months over three weeks ago. We've spent the start of March moving out of our flat which is why this post is so late. February was another busy month. Holden had three birthday parties to attend for his NCT friends, then we got him his first pair of shoes, in a tiny 2 1/2. Me & Holden went to Bath with my parents for a few days to visit family, and we also had to start thinking about moving by getting quotes for removal and storage of our furniture. We spent the last week of my maternity leave meeting a friend for coffee, another for lunch, visiting a gorgeous new baby then having lunch with Graham's gran. In preparation for me returning to work and Holden going to nursery, he had three trial sessions and was brilliant at each of them. He started properly on the 26th and so far he's really enjoying it, he loves all the toys and the other kids and he's been eating and sleeping well for…

2012: My year in review

Better late than never I wanted to do a quick recap of last year, just like I did for both 2010 & 2011. If nothing else it reminds me of all the events I haven't written about yet! We had a fantastic 2012 with the arrival of our gorgeous son Holden. It's also been a busy year including Holden's first big trip!
January My niece Willow was born in Australia!

I started my maternity leave.

Holden was born.
Holden: One Month
We celebrated my first Mothers Day.

Holden: Two Months
We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary & Holden's 1st Easter.
Holden: Three Months
My blog turned 3.

Holden: Four Months
It was Grahams birthday on his first Fathers Day.

I had a night away at Lucy's hen do, which started with laser quest!

Holden: Five Months
My sister and family arrived for 6 weeks and we enjoyed lots of time together including a trip to the zoo.

I was a Bridesmaid at Lucy's wedding.

My niece Willow got Christened and Graham and I are her godparen…