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2012: My year in review

Better late than never I wanted to do a quick recap of last year, just like I did for both 2010 & 2011. If nothing else it reminds me of all the events I haven't written about yet! We had a fantastic 2012 with the arrival of our gorgeous son Holden. It's also been a busy year including Holden's first big trip!
My niece Willow was born in Australia!

I started my maternity leave.

Holden was born.

Holden: One Month
We celebrated my first Mothers Day.

Holden: Two Months
We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary & Holden's 1st Easter.

Holden: Three Months
My blog turned 3.

Holden: Four Months
It was Grahams birthday on his first Fathers Day.

I had a night away at Lucy's hen do, which started with laser quest!

Holden: Five Months
My sister and family arrived for 6 weeks and we enjoyed lots of time together including a trip to the zoo.

I was a Bridesmaid at Lucy's wedding.

My niece Willow got Christened and Graham and I are her godparents.

I had a weekend away at Hazels hen do.

Then we spent a week in Center Parcs with my family.

Holden: Six Months
Holden was Christened, my sister Ashleigh and Graham's cousin Andrew are his godparents.

Graham's sister Hazel got married and I was one of her bridesmaids.

Holden: Seven Months
We went to Perth, Australia to visit my sister & family for 4 wonderful weeks.
While there we celebrated my nephew Enzo's 3rd birthday.

Holden: Eight Months
Holden's 1st Halloween!

Holden: Nine Months
We bought a new house!

Holden: Ten Months
It was my Birthday and Holden's 1st Christmas, which I mentioned here!

2012 was a busy year! Lots of new experiences, weddings, hen do's, christenings and a couple of holidays thrown in!
We've already had a fantastic start to 2013 celebrating Holden's 1st Birthday and we have lots to look forward to including our new house being completed and hopefully a trip to Florida at the end of November.

I returned to work on the 25th of February for 3 days a week, so I enjoyed my last few weeks of maternity leave with Holden and then we had to move out of our flat. As usual I've still got so many things to write about from ages ago so I hope that 2013 will also be the year I can get back to blogging properly.


  1. I love your recap G. Your are a bridesmaid quite frequently - also you have had nice dresses every time. H has grown so quickly, I bet you are glad you've kept up with the posts about him. I love that your photos are filled with friends and family - it's lovely.


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