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32 Weeks & My Birth Choice

I am currently 32+4 weeks {in my 33rd week}, and the baby is the size of a durian!

I am getting a lot bigger now as you can see. I've had to get a new winter coat to last me through the winter months.

I'm not due to see the midwife again until 9th Jan, when I will be 35 weeks, as the surgery is shut the week before when I should normally have seen her. However, last week I saw the consultant for my appointment to discuss options for the birth.

I have decided to have a planned (elective) caesarean section, as I was given a general anaesthetic during Holden's birth and by the time I woke up everyone else had met him. I would like to make sure I'm awake for this birth and get to see and cuddle my baby first. They would not induce me again, and I would probably have refused it anyway and they also said they would be fairly quick to perform a section if the baby was in difficulty, so I feel better having it planned so we know exactly what will happen. The consultant was lovely…

28 Weeks

I am currently 29+5 weeks {in my 30th week}, and the baby is the size of a cucumber!

We went for a 4D scan when I was 26 weeks so that we could see the baby again, show Holden what a scan was like and confirm it was a girl before we buy anything else.

It was lovely to see the baby again and show Holden the baby in mummy's tummy. The sonographer confirmed it was as girl and think she thought around 2lb. She wasn't really in the best position for the pictures but we managed to get a few after wriggling around a bit and eating some sweets and fizzy juice. Although my placenta is also at the front this time around, I'm definitely feeling a lot more movement than I ever did with Holden and this time I can even see her moving at the front, and Graham can feel some kicks, which we never really did with Holden. On the way home from the scan we stopped at Gap so I could buy a dress I had seen for the baby.

As you can see my bump is growing a lot and there are only some of my normal to…