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Holden: Two Months

Holden's second monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned two months old over two weeks ago. Although we did actually take the photos on the 1st, its taken me ages to get them posted. This month Holden got to meet some lovely bloggers then we celebrated my first mothers day with my parents, having a lovely walk then lunch at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. I was very spoiled and received a spa gift voucher which I'm looking forward to using soon. We've been out and about quite a bit as well, meeting friends for lunch, visiting my mum, dad and Grahams mum at their workplaces, having his first outing in the baby carrier and I also visited my work to let them all meet Holden. I spent the last week staying with my parents when Graham was away with work which was lovely to have some company in the evenings. Holden also spent his first overnight at Granny and Grandads (my parents) so that we could get a proper full nights sleep.

Holden is changing day by day …