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Holden: 18 Months

Holden's 18th monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned 18 months old on the 1st of August, which was almost six weeks ago. I was so late with his 17 month post and then we got the keys to our new house, with no internet access, which is why I'm also very late with this post. We had quite a busy July with lots of lunch meetings with friends and family, getting personalised coke zero bottles, some new house shopping at Ikea and enjoying all the lovely weather with a trip to a country park, a couple of BBQ's, time in the garden with the water feature, a trip to Portobello beach, a botanics walk, trips on his trike and a few park visits. We also spent another day at the zoo, visited Auntie's new house again, did some holiday shopping for Holden and visited another country park with My Spare Thoughts. I also managed to meet My Spare Thoughts & Daydreams in Lace for a lunch trip to the museum. Holden got himself a great new chair from my aunt, all the…