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Weekend Recap

Last weekend I went shopping with my parents to look for my mums outfit for the wedding. We went to Catherines of Partick in Glasgow as we had heard they had a large selection. The shop was busy but they were really helpful and mum was able to try on loads of different styles and colours. The trip was a success and mum managed to find a stunning outfit from the Condici collection in a colour called thistle which should look great with the bridesmaids in purple.

Grahams mum still has to get her outfit and she is going to continue her search this weekend, also at Catherines. She did find an outfit in Chique in Edinburgh last Saturday, which she reserved, but unfortunately we discovered when we returned from Glasgow that it was the exact same outfit as mum had just bought, in a different colour! They are obviously not going to wear the same thing so it was lucky that she hadn't also bought it! They both must have the same taste!

While I was shopping with my parents, Graham went with hi…

Glamorous Blog Award!

Last week I got another blog award, from the lovely Em at Burning River Bride, who's blog I have just started following, so thank you Em.
I'm going to pass on this award to these 6 other glamorous ladies, who's blogs make my day:
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Dancing Shoes!

I have to admit I didn't give that much thought to my shoes. I knew I wanted something fairly comfy that would look good with my dress and I knew I wanted closed toe court shoes with a bit of a heel since I'm so short. Which ruled out peep toes, sandals, slingbacks, flat shoes, kitten heels and skyscraper heels. So, I did actually have an idea of what I wanted or at least what I didn't want!

I toyed with the idea of wearing coloured shoes to match the bridesmaids dresses early on as I love that look, however once I had chosen my dress we decided that a coloured pair wouldn't look that great with it. Since they were going to be ivory, I didn't want to spend too much on shoes that I would only wear once and will probably get really dirty. However I also didn't want to get really cheap ones that would be sore to wear all day. Also, you are hardly going to see them under my dress!

I knew that John Lewis carried the Rainbow Club range but I hadn't seen anything I …


Sorry for the lack of posting over the last few weeks, things have been quite busy as you will see from the update below:
I ordered more card samples to start thinking about the order of service', placecards, menu's and table name design.I ordered more grey ribbon to use on the order of service' and for the favour boxes.I paid for the rest of our honeymoon.I paid 50% of whats left to pay for our venue and arranged to meet our coordinator on Sat 30th Jan.We paid for and picked up our wedding rings; I love how mine turned out! {A separate post will follow with more detail!}I bought my shoes! {A separate post will follow!}I ordered some samples of veil fabric to look at the different colours.I booked the hairdresser; they have another wedding that morning too so they are going to open at 8am for us!I booked my hair trial for the 6th of March.My mum spoke to the women who does the flowers at the church who will arrange all of that for us with a mixture of white, purple and pink…

3 months to go!

Today we only have 3 months to go!

We didn't really have a busy wedding month in December with our holiday then spending lots of time with family and friends over Christmas & New Year. My nephew Enzo had changed so much since we saw him last at his christening and it was lovely to be there for his 1st Christmas and watch him starting to play with his new toys.

Since I haven't been feeling great I never got any more of the invites done so that's definitely top of this months list and I'm hoping to carry on with them next weekend. When we were away I managed to buy lots of ribbon to use for the favour boxes and the order of service and now just need to order more grey ribbon to use as well. We bought dye to try for the flowergirls sash, however, we also managed to find quite wide ribbon that's an almost match for the bridesmaids dress fabric that we could use instead.

The bridesmaids dresses and our wedding rings have also arrived so we will be going to pay for them…