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Our To Do List!

My 3rd post went up on Little Miss Wedding today.

Thought I would start my posts in 2010 with our list of things still to do!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Looks great! Wow...we have 93 days to go...we are close together in wedding dates :) Your list looks well thought out...I always wonder if mine is manageable? :)

  2. Anonymous17/1/10 22:05

    I have stumbled across this blog and thought it was a very weird coincidence as I am also having my reception at Norton House on the same day as you (obviously in the Garden Suite though!) It is good to see that we are not too far behind you and still have similar things left to do!


  3. i love your "alike" theory of {self-disclosing} your journey as a bride-to-be. I too have done this, as I am a destination bride-to-be! thanks for blogging, follow as of today! :)

    p.s. how did you set up "recent comments" on your side bar?


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