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3 months to go!

Today we only have 3 months to go!

We didn't really have a busy wedding month in December with our holiday then spending lots of time with family and friends over Christmas & New Year. My nephew Enzo had changed so much since we saw him last at his christening and it was lovely to be there for his 1st Christmas and watch him starting to play with his new toys.

Since I haven't been feeling great I never got any more of the invites done so that's definitely top of this months list and I'm hoping to carry on with them next weekend. When we were away I managed to buy lots of ribbon to use for the favour boxes and the order of service and now just need to order more grey ribbon to use as well. We bought dye to try for the flowergirls sash, however, we also managed to find quite wide ribbon that's an almost match for the bridesmaids dress fabric that we could use instead.

The bridesmaids dresses and our wedding rings have also arrived so we will be going to pay for them all sometime soon and the rest of our honeymoon also needs to be paid by the middle of the month. We will also have to speak to the minister to finalise the service and look into giving notice of our marriage since that can be done anytime after today and must be done at least 15 days before the wedding. Then I also need to get the hairdressers booked. Still lots to do!


  1. happy new year I hope you had a lovely time. Only 3 months to go, so exciting. Good luck with the invitations.

  2. Ooh - I hope I am as organised as you in three months time when I'll have 3 to go...
    Happy new year Gaynor - hope you had a good one.

  3. Oh the excitement is palpable! Eeek!

  4. Anonymous8/1/10 10:46

    Happy New Year (sorry I'm a bit late on saying that over here). Three months to go? How exciting! I don't think Xmas is a time for wedding planning!


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