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Holden: One Month

Holden's first monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned one month old last Thursday. This first month has gone so quickly and while it has been tiring, emotional and challenging, its also been fantastic and unforgettable; a complete learning curve for our new family of three. I'm not sure what we used to do with our time before he arrived. While there are some days that I don't manage to get dressed, we have managed to get out and about quite a lot, with family and to meet friends. Holden loves his car seat and his pram so whenever we go out he seems to fall asleep straightaway. He's now been to Mimi's bakehouse twice for lunch and slept throughout both visits!

Holden is changing every day and he is now starting to coo and show signs of smiling. He is also starting to enjoy his baby gym for a few minutes at a time and is starting to take a bit more notice of some of his toys, especially the ones that hang over his bouncer. I'm looking forward…