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Holden: Four Months

Holden's fourth monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned four months old over two weeks ago, I really need to get these posts done quicker! This month he had his second set of vaccinations and his 4 month check up, both of which were fine and he was given some books, a cup and his first toothbrush! He attended another birthday party, some pub lunches with family and also went for his first swim which he seemed to like. I also went to a jewellery class with my mum and Holden slept all of the time he was with his Daddy and Grandad. We also enjoyed the sunny weather and were even able to use his parasol for the first time!

We spent quite a lot of the month staying at my parents house to help with my back pain, especially when Graham was away on a course. My back is improving slowly but surely with lots of physio and exercises to do at home and we were back staying properly at our own flat by the end of the month. We have also booked our first family holiday to Aust…

Happy Birthday & Happy Father's Day G!

Its Grahams 31st Birthday today, on his first Father's Day; Happy Birthday G!

This last year has gone so fast with all the preparations for the baby, Holden's arrival and the holidays we enjoyed. We have a busy summer ahead with my sister and her family visiting, two hen do's & the weddings, a week in Center Parcs then a trip to Australia in September which will be our first family holiday!

Daddy with Holden when he was just 40 minutes old. This is also the first photo we have of Holden, unfortunately I missed it as I was still in recovery and hadn't met him yet. {His birth story is coming soon.}
This is also our anniversary of 9 years together {and 2 years, 10 weeks & 5 days married!} Unlike last year when we celebrated in Marrakech and I was almost 8 weeks pregnant, this year Graham was at a stag do last night so once he got back we opened gifts with Grahams dad then headed out to lunch just the three of us before visiting my parents on the way home.

Happy Father&#…