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Holden: Eight Months

Holden's eighth monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned eight months old three weeks ago while we were on holiday in Australia. We've only been back for a week and just getting over the jet lag which is why this post is so late. The first couple of weeks of September were a bit quieter than August however we still managed another NCT meet, a trip to the cinema, lots of lunches with friends and some shopping in preparation for our trip. I even managed to have a night with my friends but I really should remember that I can't drink as much anymore! We spent the rest of the month in Perth, Australia and after Holden was a star on the long flights over, we had a brilliant time. I will write a proper post about our trip at some point but we visited the aquarium, the Pinnacles, the Swan Valley winery region, a wildlife park and Rottnest island and we also went on a dolphin adventure cruise in our first two weeks. It has been fantastic to spend so much time wi…