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New Start - What Gaynor Did Next

Hello It's been a while hasn't it; I haven't posted on this blog for a long time but I've decided it's time to start afresh, please come and say hi on my new blog What Gaynor Did Next ! I have lots of adventures to document from all of our travels together, some that we took with Holden as a baby, a toddler, then with Eden as a baby and now with two children so this feels like a good place to start as well as writing about our daily adventures as a family of 4 .
Recent posts

Eden - One Month

Eden's first monthly photo, taken on the 12th of every month. Eden turned one month old on the 12th of March, over two months ago. The first few weeks with Eden have gone so fast. We managed to fit in a trip to Dubai for a week to visit my sister when she was 6 weeks old and Holden has recently started school nursery, which is why her first monthly update is so late. My recovery after my section was so much better this time, and Graham had a full three weeks off work which definitely made it easier and I took it easy the whole time.  Once he went back to work it was just me, Holden & Eden which took some getting used too. However, we have definitely been much more relaxed this time (even though we were with Holden too) and it doesn't seem as hard having a newborn again, probably because we knew what to expect.  We had a busy few weeks after she was born, with lots of family and friends visiting us. We also managed to get out and about quite a lot too, taking the bu

40 Weeks

It's taken me ages to post my last pregnancy update, but I wanted to have it all documented. I took the photo at 40 weeks but obviously now Eden is almost three months old! After my last update at 39 weeks, when I had just had my scan, I spent the rest of my last week being pregnant doing the final preparations for Eden's arrival. On Saturday, I got all the thank you cards for Holden's Christmas and birthday presents written and tidied all of my craft stuff that was lying around.  Sunday was spent at Vogrie country park on our last outing as a family of three, with some last bits of shopping on the way home. Once home we put the shelves and a picture up in Eden's room and sorted changing stations in her room, in the downstairs toilet and in our ensuite, so there is one on every floor of our house. We enjoyed dinner at Nando's on Sunday night too.  On Monday, Holden and I had our last outing just the two of us. We had lunch at a soft play cafe then Holden


...our daughter Eden Sophia Born on 12th February 2015, at 10.26am & weighing 6lb 14oz. My planned section went really well and it was completely different from my emergency section with Holden. It was booked for my due date, exactly at 40 weeks. We only had to stay in the hospital for two nights and we've now been at home for a week. We are getting used to our gorgeous new arrival and being a family of four.

39 Weeks

I am currently 39+1 weeks {in my 40th week}, and the baby is still the size of a watermelon! I had a scan this morning and thankfully, everything was ok. The baby is fine, there wasn't a lot of fluid but they seemed happy there was just enough. She is literally just using all the space, which is why I can feel / see her move all the time. The radiographer wasn't surprised the same thing had happened with Holden, and thought that it was probably just how I carried babies at the end. After I returned home, I got a call from the se ction coordinator in our area, wanting to confirm my section date since my s can had been fine. I have now been moved to a different hospital, which is in Livingston, slightly further away from us, but it's generally quieter and I shouldn't get moved again. I was given the option of the same date we'd arranged last week or the other slot three days earlier but we opted to keep it as it was, as it gives her a bit more time to grow, and

38 Weeks & Measuring Small

I am currently 38+4 weeks {in my 39th week}, and the baby is the size of a watermelon! Since baby reached full term at 37 weeks, she could technically arrive any time. My bump hasn't really grown much in the last few weeks, but she has moved down a bit. I saw the midwife again on Friday 30th, when I was 38 weeks. It wasn't my usual midwife again but the same one I saw last time. I had to take Holden with me but they have some toys and books to amuse toddlers which is good. My mum had said the day before that she didn't think I had grown much since my last appointment. When the midwife measured me, at first she thought I was around 35 or 36, which would have been ok at this stage. However, when she checked again another couple of times, she thought that I was maybe only 34.5 or 34, which would actually be smaller than I was 3 weeks ago. When I said that I had measured small at my last appointment with Holden and a scan had shown reduced fluid, she decided that

36 Weeks & Maternity Leave

I am currently 36+5 weeks {in my 37th week}, and the baby is the size of a winter melon! My bump is growing a lot but I don't think I'm much bigger than I was with Holden at this stage, although she is definitely higher up. I finished work last Wednesday at the end of my usual working week, so yesterday was my first actual day of maternity leave. Technically I'm using my last two weeks of holidays first before my official maternity leave begins on the 2nd of February. I'm not sure how long I will take this time, but I think by the time I use my 9 months then my holidays, I probably won't return to work until January 2016! Holden is going to continue to go to nursery his usual 2 days while I'm off which I think  will  be good for him to keep a bit of a routine and he enjoys seeing all of his friends there. I saw the midwife again on Friday 9th, when I was 35 weeks. It wasn't my usual midwife, but she was lovely and sorted out a prescription fo