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39 Weeks

I am currently 39+1 weeks {in my 40th week}, and the baby is still the size of a watermelon!

I had a scan this morning and thankfully, everything was ok. The baby is fine, there wasn't a lot of fluid but they seemed happy there was just enough. She is literally just using all the space, which is why I can feel / see her move all the time. The radiographer wasn't surprised the same thing had happened with Holden, and thought that it was probably just how I carried babies at the end.

After I returned home, I got a call from the section coordinator in our area, wanting to confirm my section date since my scan had been fine. I have now been moved to a different hospital, which is in Livingston, slightly further away from us, but it's generally quieter and I shouldn't get moved again. I was given the option of the same date we'd arranged last week or the other slot three days earlier but we opted to keep it as it was, as it gives her a bit more time to grow, and we have a few more days to get organised. I have to go to the hospital maternity ward the day before for a pre-op appointment and to see where I will need to go the next day. So now I won't need to see my midwife again, as my bloods will be taken at the hospital.

Otherwise we are all organised. Mine and the baby's hospital bags are all packed, with extra stuff in bags to keep in the car just in case. We've put the buggy board on the pram and also got big brother gifts for Holden ready. This week I also managed to wash some more things for the baby, including some smaller sleepsuits and clothes I bought, met a friend for lunch, got some snacks to take to the hospital, and visited our neighbour and her new baby. This weekend I've got some thank you cards to write for Holden's birthday presents, hopefully we'll get the shelves and pictures up in the baby's room and finish anything else we wanted to do before baby arrives.


  1. Glad all went well with your scan and hope all goes well with your little one's arrival and that you manage to get everything done this weekend before baby arrives.

  2. Good luck - so close to meeting your little babynow!



  3. Exciting times! Hope it all goes well next week - will be keeping an eye out for updates! xxx

  4. Beautiful bump! Thanks for sharing, and sorry I am so late reading! I expect you've had baby now??! x x x Thanks for linking to #MaternityMatters x


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