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38 Weeks & Measuring Small

I am currently 38+4 weeks {in my 39th week}, and the baby is the size of a watermelon! Since baby reached full term at 37 weeks, she could technically arrive any time.

My bump hasn't really grown much in the last few weeks, but she has moved down a bit.

I saw the midwife again on Friday 30th, when I was 38 weeks. It wasn't my usual midwife again but the same one I saw last time. I had to take Holden with me but they have some toys and books to amuse toddlers which is good. My mum had said the day before that she didn't think I had grown much since my last appointment. When the midwife measured me, at first she thought I was around 35 or 36, which would have been ok at this stage. However, when she checked again another couple of times, she thought that I was maybe only 34.5 or 34, which would actually be smaller than I was 3 weeks ago. When I said that I had measured small at my last appointment with Holden and a scan had shown reduced fluid, she decided that I should go for another scan just to make sure. I had a call from the hospital this afternoon and I am booked in for a scan on Friday morning. Otherwise everything was fine, I'm still getting plenty of movement and the baby's heartbeat was strong. I did have some protein in my sample but I put that down to not having had much to drink that morning as I didn't have any other issues and my blood pressure was fine. So at the moment I'm wondering what the scan will show, hopefully everything is fine and baby is just quite small or otherwise it's going to be the same as with Holden, with reduced fluid at almost 40 weeks. 

After I had seen the midwife I received a call from the section coordinator in our area, needing to rearrange my section for another date. I had two options, one two days before at a different hospital, or the day after at the hospital I had originally been given a date for. However, when I mentioned needing to have another scan first, she has kept me at the original hospital, as the other one is a bit smaller and wouldn't usually deal with any complications. So, assuming everything is fine with my fluid at my scan on Friday and baby doesn't need to come any sooner, then my section has just been moved to a day later than we originally had. I have had to change my next midwife appointment as she will need to take blood before my section and that can't be done too early.

I have spent the last couple of weeks of maternity leave meeting friends for lunch (when Holden has been at nursery), having dinner out with friends one night, washing baby clothes, getting more things for my hospital bag and making arrangements for Holden's 3rd birthday, which was yesterday. We painted the top of an Ikea kids table with chalkboard paint for one of his presents, and attached two handles with hanging tubs to hold some chalk. He had his party on Saturday at a soft play centre with all his friends, which he loved, and we only had to provide the party bags and cake. On his actual birthday yesterday, we went to the cinema, to the toy shop so he could spend his vouchers / money, followed by dinner with his grandparents. We've still got shelves and pictures to go up in the baby's room but otherwise everything else is complete. The cot mattress arrived on Thursday along with Holden's buggy board. Since my midwife appointment on Friday, we also quickly washed a few more things, like the car seat cover, just in case my scan was earlier this week. We also got the new pram hood last week so we turned the buggy back into the pram at the weekend. The rest of this week I am going to pack my bags properly, wash anything else the baby needs and maybe fit in some rest time and lunch with a friend.


  1. I do hope all was ok with your scan. My last pregnancy was quite stressful with restricted growth and I know it can be worrying when you don't know whats happening. Thank you so much for linking up to #MaternityMatters x x


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