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Holden: 20 Months

Holden's 20th monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned 20 months old on the 1st of October. Most of September was spent unpacking the rest of the boxes in our house. As progress was slow while Holden was around, Graham's parents looked after him for the day which we unpacked some more of the boxes from the spare room and our room before the removal company came to pick all of the empty boxes up. Holden started his new nursery at the beginning of the month. We've spent some time exploring our new town with visits to the high street shops, the park with the aviary which Holden loves, bookbugs, the swimming pool and both soft play centre's with friends. We've also had lots of lunches with friends and family and had visitors to our new house, including My Spare Thoughts. Like last month there have been many shopping trips to buy things we needed for the house and new shoes for Holden but we also managed another day at the zoo. We've also got the…

Holden: 19 Months

Holden's 19th monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned 19 months old on the 1st of September, which was over a month ago! As I mentioned in the last post, we finally moved in to our brand new house in the middle of August, so we have been quite busy getting organised the last few weeks and we still have no internet access! At the start of August we spent time with family and friends including lots of lunches, visited a new play cafe and a local farm, Holden had a birthday party and I even had a night out at a festival show with my friends. We enjoyed more of the summer with another family birthday BBQ and spending time in the garden. Once we had the keys to our new house we took a week off work and got everything delivered from the storage company and moved from my parents' house. We managed to unpack some of it while Holden was with my aunt and at nursery, before we officially moved in on the 21st of August. Since then there were a lot of shopping trips fo…