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We are off to Tuscany in Italy tomorrow morning for a week, for my friend Helen's wedding where I'm going to be a bridesmaid. The wedding is on Wednesday so we have a few days before it and afterwards to see some of the surrounding area.

Last weekend and this week I have been busy preparing for the wedding and getting stuff ready and I also managed to finish our thank you cards which explains my lack of posts!

We will be back next Saturday when the wedding recaps can continue!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'm off to bed now as leaving at 4am!

Congrats R & O!

Congratulations to the wonderful R from My Spare Thoughts who is marrying O today!

I found R's blog last September and I was so excited to find another Scottish blogger; she was incredibly supportive and a fantastic commenter up to and since our wedding and I have loved reading her blog in the run up to their big day.

I cant wait to hear all about it; hope you both have a fabulous day and it is everything you could have wished for!

p.s I'm finally going to get to meet R next month, along with some other lovely bloggers, which I'm very excited about!

03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Processional

Once we heard the pianist start playing, it was time for the bridesmaids to start walking down the aisle. You enter the church from the side so you have to walk along first until you turn and go down the aisle, the plan was the second pair would go when the first go do the top of the aisle, then the third pair when the second got there etc with me and my dad leaving a bit longer until we made our appearance! Graham was looking slightly nervous at this point!

Then it was my turn! I grabbed hold of my dad and we managed to walk fairly slow down the aisle, which we really had to do with the length of my dress! I tried to look at as many people as I could but its hard when you are also concentrating on keeping calm and not tripping up etc! I think I managed to smile a bit at least which you can see in the photos. Someone told me ages ago to not hold your flowers to high up otherwise they would hide some of your dress but to be honest that is the last thing you think about at the time and a…

Helen's Hen Do

Last Saturday I was at the Hen Do for my friend and bridesmaid Helen who is getting married in Italy in exactly 3 weeks. I am going to be one of her 3 bridesmaids so it was up to us to arrange the day of events, for 17 people, and keep it all a surprise for the bride! We all had a brilliant day and Helen loved what we had planned. Considering I got home at 4.45am you could also judge it a success from that!

Thats me in the black dress and the bride to be on the far right
The day began at 9am when 5 of us picked Helen up at her house. After dressing her in the usual hen night paraphernalia; sash, garter, tiara / veil and l plates, it was time to head off. We all bundled in a taxi and headed to the Marine Hotel in North Berwick, to spend the morning at the spa. We met some of the other girls there so that there were 9 of us in total. We had taken some Prosecco with us so had time for a class while choosing our treatment and lunch. {The package we had booked included full use of the facili…

03.04.10 Our Day by Design: The Girls Arrival

While the boys were getting portraits taken and greeting the guests, we were on our way. The journey did seem to take quite a while and although I was conscious of the fact we had left a little later than planned, I didn't have a watch on and dad wouldn't tell me the actual time in case I freaked out! However, as the driver then pointed out; he could only travel at 55mph so there wasn't much we could do about the journey time! Me and dad chatted all the way and I re-touched my lipstick and lip gloss at one of the million sets of traffic lights we went through as there was a handy mirror inside the car!

The bridesmaids arrived first and waited outside with mum and the ushers until I arrived.

Then we pulled into Haddington and soon were at the traffic lights before the church. All I could see at this point was the minister waiting for us and LOADS of people waiting to see me; it was all a bit surreal!

After some photos; it was time for me to get out of the car, with a little he…

03.04.10 Our Day by Design: The Boys Arrival

The boys made their way to the church in plenty time; its only about 5 minutes drive from Grahams parents house, so it didnt take them long to get there.

They got some portraits of them all together then just Graham and his best man, his cousin Andrew.

L-R: My cousin Murray, Graham, Graham's cousin Andrew & Jake {Hazel's boyfriend}; Graham & Andrew
Then it was time to greet the guests as they arrived.

Graham then made his way into the church with his best man.

Meanwhile, the ushers stayed at the entrance and awaited our arrival!

p.s. if anyone is debating whether to go for a photographer with 1 or 2 people taking pictures; I would say go with 2 if the budget allows as I loved seeing what the boys were up and vice versa in the morning and all of the guests arriving etc before we got there.

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)

3 months!

3 months married already!

The last month has been as busy as ever and I finally started my wedding day recaps!

I finished making all of the thank you cards, the photos on the front look great, and I will share them with you once more of our guests have received them. Once I got the Moo cards for inside, I started writing them and have even sent around 38 out, mostly to our families, the bridal party and then people as I have seen or am going to see them. I think I have around 55 to go and 3 months was my aim so I will be finishing them next week! The album design hasn't got any further than it had last month but that it also on the must do list for next week.

The rest of the month we had a lovely weekend down in London; then me & the other bridesmaids have been finalising the plans for my bridesmaid Helen's hen do which is next Saturday. I still cant say what we have planned yet in case she reads this but I cant wait for that. Our next bridesmaids dress fitting for the weddin…