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3 months!

3 months married already!

The last month has been as busy as ever and I finally started my wedding day recaps!

I finished making all of the thank you cards, the photos on the front look great, and I will share them with you once more of our guests have received them. Once I got the Moo cards for inside, I started writing them and have even sent around 38 out, mostly to our families, the bridal party and then people as I have seen or am going to see them. I think I have around 55 to go and 3 months was my aim so I will be finishing them next week! The album design hasn't got any further than it had last month but that it also on the must do list for next week.

The rest of the month we had a lovely weekend down in London; then me & the other bridesmaids have been finalising the plans for my bridesmaid Helen's hen do which is next Saturday. I still cant say what we have planned yet in case she reads this but I cant wait for that. Our next bridesmaids dress fitting for the wedding is in 2 weeks then all I have left to do is find a foundation to wear {I'm trialing Lancome's Silky Matt just now}, book a manicure for the night before we leave & get some euros!

We have been starting to plan some more trips for the rest of this year too which is great as it gives us something to look forward too after the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon.

We are going to Italy for Helen's wedding in just 4 weeks; down to Sheffield some time in August to stay with Grahams sister & her boyfriend; going to London in September with my parents for Enzo's 1st birthday; then in October mum has booked a house for 10 of us {us, my parents, Ashleigh, Patrick & Enzo, my aunt & uncle & cousin} in the Norfolk Broads for a week; then finally in December, we are off to Florida again with all of Grahams family {us, G's parents, G's aunt & uncle, G's sister & boyfriend & G's cousin & girlfriend} for a week. The rest of the family are going for 2 weeks but we don't have enough holidays so we are going to fly out on my birthday.

So much to look forward too then it looks like my sister is going to be getting married in Gozo next summer so plans for next year already too!

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Congratulations on your three-month anniversary! It sounds like you’re having a very busy summer!

  2. I can't believe it's been 3 months already! All those holidays and trips sound like great fun and I agree so nice to have something to look forward to after the wedding!

  3. Time flies!! I can't believe it's been 3 months already too. Been reading through your rehearsal and wedding recaps and it sounds like such an amazing day!!

    Oooh, sounds like you have some awesome trips lined up. I'm jealous!!

  4. Anonymous19/7/10 21:48

    Ooh, the cake is gorgeous and the wooden letters came out so well.


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