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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: The Boys Arrival

The boys made their way to the church in plenty time; its only about 5 minutes drive from Grahams parents house, so it didnt take them long to get there.

They got some portraits of them all together then just Graham and his best man, his cousin Andrew.

L-R: My cousin Murray, Graham, Graham's cousin Andrew & Jake {Hazel's boyfriend}; Graham & Andrew

Then it was time to greet the guests as they arrived.

Graham then made his way into the church with his best man.

Meanwhile, the ushers stayed at the entrance and awaited our arrival!

p.s. if anyone is debating whether to go for a photographer with 1 or 2 people taking pictures; I would say go with 2 if the budget allows as I loved seeing what the boys were up and vice versa in the morning and all of the guests arriving etc before we got there.

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. I love the greeting photos. I think all those hugs and kisses definitely need to be captured. Looking at those pics, I did get a little bit of envy though that the groom gets to do all of the greeting while us brides have to hide away elsewhere. Oh well.

  2. I just love the first four pictures together. Wonderful.

  3. Great pictures, and I totally agree with your advice about having two photographers. Even in the shots where we were all together in the same place, the second photographer was able to capture things from another angle, which often made for some fantastic shots.

  4. Anonymous19/7/10 21:46

    The boys all look so fab in their kilts, I like that they were each wearing different ones.

    Good tip about the two photographer thing - must be lovely to find out what they were up to.


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