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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Processional

Once we heard the pianist start playing, it was time for the bridesmaids to start walking down the aisle. You enter the church from the side so you have to walk along first until you turn and go down the aisle, the plan was the second pair would go when the first go do the top of the aisle, then the third pair when the second got there etc with me and my dad leaving a bit longer until we made our appearance! Graham was looking slightly nervous at this point!

Then it was my turn! I grabbed hold of my dad and we managed to walk fairly slow down the aisle, which we really had to do with the length of my dress! I tried to look at as many people as I could but its hard when you are also concentrating on keeping calm and not tripping up etc! I think I managed to smile a bit at least which you can see in the photos. Someone told me ages ago to not hold your flowers to high up otherwise they would hide some of your dress but to be honest that is the last thing you think about at the time and as you can see I totally ignored it!

Then all of a sudden we were at the bottom and I remember smiling at Graham, who looked a lot more emotional that me! My dad went to stand beside my mum quite quickly so I never got a chance to give his a kiss. The song we had chosen was quite long so we had time to whisper to each other and Graham told me I looked beautiful.

Then it was time for our ceremony to start...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Pictures look great, Gaynor!!! The one of you at the end of the aisle seeing Graham for the first time is very sweet. :)

  2. These recaps must bring back such fantastic memories. I can imagine I'll be hanging on to my Dad as well.

  3. Beautiful photos! Walking down the aisle was such a surreal moment for me. I can't wait to watch it back in video, since I only remember bits and pieces.

  4. OH my gosh! I love this. I totally tried to walk slow down the aisle but I pretty much walked at a very fast pace. Wish I would have gone slower but oh well. And I also knew to hold my flowers down low but totally didn't think about it and they were so heavy that I had them up pretty high and of course they were covering the top of my dress :( But like you said, it's just so hard to think about anything in that moment. :)

    I love these shots...funny your dad walked away before you could kiss him :)

  5. Wonderful pictures. Such great memories. I think walking down the aisle is a little bit like being put on stage. With your nerves, happiness, and everyone watching you really don't think about things like how you are holding your flowers.

  6. oh, i love this! what a happy memory.

  7. Wow your photos are to die for.

  8. Really beautiful pictures & memories.



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