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Holden: 20 Months

Holden's 20th monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned 20 months old on the 1st of October. Most of September was spent unpacking the rest of the boxes in our house. As progress was slow while Holden was around, Graham's parents looked after him for the day which we unpacked some more of the boxes from the spare room and our room before the removal company came to pick all of the empty boxes up. Holden started his new nursery at the beginning of the month. We've spent some time exploring our new town with visits to the high street shops, the park with the aviary which Holden loves, bookbugs, the swimming pool and both soft play centre's with friends. We've also had lots of lunches with friends and family and had visitors to our new house, including My Spare Thoughts. Like last month there have been many shopping trips to buy things we needed for the house and new shoes for Holden but we also managed another day at the zoo. We've also got the train in to Edinburgh a few times to shop and meet my parents for lunch. We went to see the start of the tour of Britain cycle race with Graham's family in rainy Peebles one weekend and I had a chance to meet friends for coffee after work and we also had a night out with friends while Graham's parents babysat. Due to a few public holidays in September, Holden was only with my parents for a few days but they had lots of fun including a day just with Granny and another with my parents friends when Holden loved the extra attention.

We think Holden now has around ten teeth but he doesn't really let us look. He had been getting better at not using his dummy as much but has still had it quite a lot in the last month with all the changes and starting at his new nursery. The biggest change in the last month has been Holden's bed routine; he is now going to bed himself. He used to fall asleep sitting on someone's knee then be put in his bed but we decided it was time to start trying someone new, especially before our upcoming holiday. He wasn't that sure the first few nights when Graham took him straight up to his cot and he didn't seem too impressed but Graham just sat in his room till he fell asleep. He very quickly got used to it and within a week he was going down fine himself, which has been great for everyone, and we feel it was definitely the right time for him to learn. We lent Holden's jumparoo to a work friend of mine so its nice to see someone getting some use out of it now Holden has finished with it, however he did insist on going in it once he saw it coming out of storage. We've met up with our neighbours so Holden can play with his friend a few times and Holden has continued to love the new house, his new favourite thing to do is hide in the kitchen cupboards.

This month we got settled in to our new house and Holden started at his new nursery. After a couple of weeks when he wasn't too happy when I left him, he is now enjoying it and he only goes for two days a week. In October we will have lots more things to do in the house and we need to start thinking about our holiday at the end of November and Christmas.

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, beside his bunny and standing beside his penguin. {This month I didn't get a chance to take all of the photos until the 3rd and as you can see, he's losing patience with them!} 


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