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Weekend Recap

Last weekend I went shopping with my parents to look for my mums outfit for the wedding. We went to Catherines of Partick in Glasgow as we had heard they had a large selection. The shop was busy but they were really helpful and mum was able to try on loads of different styles and colours. The trip was a success and mum managed to find a stunning outfit from the Condici collection in a colour called thistle which should look great with the bridesmaids in purple.

Grahams mum still has to get her outfit and she is going to continue her search this weekend, also at Catherines. She did find an outfit in Chique in Edinburgh last Saturday, which she reserved, but unfortunately we discovered when we returned from Glasgow that it was the exact same outfit as mum had just bought, in a different colour! They are obviously not going to wear the same thing so it was lucky that she hadn't also bought it! They both must have the same taste!

While I was shopping with my parents, Graham went with his parents to order his dads kilt at the same shop Graham is getting his from. He has gone for a different version of their family tartan than Graham is getting which means that all of the men will be in different kilts like we wanted since my dad is wearing his family tartan kilt that he already has. Graham was also able to see his completed kilt which had just arrived. We are going to collect and pay for it this weekend then arrange a time to go back and get the best man and ushers measured for their kilts that we are hiring.

On Sunday we went briefly to our venue's wedding fair to speak to our cake maker about the style / type of cake we wanted. We are going with 4 tiers with different types of cake on each layer. We will have fruit on the bottom and the top, then chocolate then madeira on the middle 2 layers. The cake we have chosen normally has calla lilies to decorate it but she is going to make orchids to match my flowers for ours. I'm going to email her a picture today.

The rest of the weekend and most of this week has been spent finalising the invitation inserts including the RSVP, information and the map/directions. Now I just need to print them all out to go inside the main invite. I did finish 3 complete invitations this week, including inserts and the ribbon enclosures, and posted the 1st one yesterday to my sister, her fiance and my nephew. They are going to Australia on Saturday for 5 weeks for his sisters wedding so I wanted them to have it before they go. Friends of my parents are also going to visit family in New Zealand next week for 6 weeks so I also wanted to get their invite done before they left and Dad is delivering them today. I am going to print the rest of the inserts, make the ribbon enclosures and print out the envelopes the rest of this week so that I can hopefully compile them all on Sunday, ready to post on Monday.

When I went to the post office yesterday to post my sisters invite, I discovered that the invites are too thick to be classed as a standard letter so I had to buy the more expensive large letter stamps for the rest of the invites! I ended up getting 100 as they come in books of 50 and we probably need 90+ anyway although I did buy 2nd class rather than 1st to keep the cost down.

Although the invites are going to take up most of this weekend, as well as picking up Grahams kilt, we have an appointment with the coordinator at our venue on Saturday to start making final arrangements. We are then going to start choosing our gift list items at John Lewis in the afternoon. Looks like its going to be a busy weekend!


  1. Sounds like you have lots going on but so cool to be moving forward with all the planning! Our invites were thick, too but not too thick to cost much more. However, they did weigh more than a typical letter so we ended up having to pay a bit more because of that :( Anyway, try to get some rest in during your busy weekend :)

  2. You are getting so much done, I need to get on the ball!

  3. My Mum and my sister's mother in law bought the same outfit in different colours too. Good luck for the weekend hope you get everything done that you've planned. ;)

  4. So industrious! Must get going myself!


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