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Dancing Shoes!

I have to admit I didn't give that much thought to my shoes. I knew I wanted something fairly comfy that would look good with my dress and I knew I wanted closed toe court shoes with a bit of a heel since I'm so short. Which ruled out peep toes, sandals, slingbacks, flat shoes, kitten heels and skyscraper heels. So, I did actually have an idea of what I wanted or at least what I didn't want!

I toyed with the idea of wearing coloured shoes to match the bridesmaids dresses early on as I love that look, however once I had chosen my dress we decided that a coloured pair wouldn't look that great with it. Since they were going to be ivory, I didn't want to spend too much on shoes that I would only wear once and will probably get really dirty. However I also didn't want to get really cheap ones that would be sore to wear all day. Also, you are hardly going to see them under my dress!

I knew that John Lewis carried the Rainbow Club range but I hadn't seen anything I liked when passing a few times so I took a trip to the Arabesque shoe store in Perth which is a specialist bridal shoe store which carries loads of ranges at different prices including the full Rainbow Club range, Benjamin Adams, Rachel Simpson and Pink. They were really helpful in the store, pulling out box after box of different designs and styles to choose from and try on.

I eventually found the style I wanted, a classic court with a cut out on one side, and then had 3 options to choose from, the only difference being the decoration on the front. One with a vintage diamante floral chain, one with an oval diamante buckle and the other with a crystal and glass hand beaded detail. After trying each one a few times I decided that the one with the crystal and glass beads would look best with my dress and I bought them there and then.

My Shoes!
(Image from here)

They are called Lara and are from Rainbow Club. They were £75 which is maybe more than I first wanted to spend but they were the cheapest out of the 3 I liked! One good thing about Rainbow Club shoes is that they can be dyed afterwards, so I could potentially use them again in black or maybe purple. They are a medium heel but I'm still going to have to wear them around the house a few times to get used to them. I'm pleased to have another thing ticked off the to-do list!


  1. Fantastic - glad to hear that things are getting sorted and the TO DO list getting ticked off!

  2. Pretty! And I love the idea of dying them after the wedding to get more use out of them. I bought red shoes that I know I'll wear afterwards.

  3. love them...especially the cutout!

  4. I love them! They’re so elegant and classy!

  5. No, no, no! Shoes were my first thought!

    Kidding! I realise not everyone is totally obsessed with them!

    They are rather pretty and yay for the excitement of dying them after.

  6. I'm struggling with shoes so thank you for the recommendation I'll try to check them out.
    such pretty shoes and getting them dyed so you can wear them afterwards is a great idea.

  7. Oh wow! So pretty...and so cool that you can die them to wear again - bonus!


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