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Holden: Three Months

Holden's third monthly photo, taken on the 1st of every month.

Holden turned three months old three weeks ago. Again, although I did take the photos on the 1st, its taken me ages to get this post done! This month we celebrated our two year anniversary with a quiet dinner just the three of us, which Holden slept all the way through. Holden had his first set of vaccinations which were fine then we spent Easter having lunch with Grandad. Holden did get one egg, which mummy and daddy ate for him, as well as some new books from Granny and Grandad, clothes from Nanna and Grandad and we got him Spot's First Easter book. We attended our NCT reunion and it was lovely to meet all of the other babies and hear all the stories. The next day Holden also attended his first ever birthday party.

Unfortunately I've spent most of the month struggling with terrible back pain so we stayed at my parents for most of the time as its easier for me to get out from their house. After seeing a physio, I was given some exercises to do to strengthen my stomach muscles which were damaged during my section. Since they support the spine, I've been using the wrong muscles to lift for a few weeks which is causing all the pain. It seemed to improve for a while then I think I overdid it which made it worse again so I've been taking it easy and getting help to lift when I can.


Holden continues to change all the time and is now very vocal with lots of smiles. Although he is still tiny and on the lowest percentile, he is still growing and weighed 9lb 13oz at the end of the month when he was 12 weeks. While he will spend some time on his baby gym or in his bouncer, he loves nothing better than just lying on a blanket on the floor with his toys and people talking to him. Luckily for us Holden also started sleeping from 11pm to 6am every night which has been fantastic, especially with my back, as its meant I haven't needed to feed him during the night and can get help to lift him in the morning when my pain is at its worst.

This month I still have some thank you cards to get written and again I would like to get some of his baby book filled in, all easier said than done at the moment! Holden will also have more vaccinations, his four month check up and another party to attend. I am also hoping to get Holden's birth story written at some point, before I forget everything about it!

I'm going to take the same photos every month if I can, on the chair in his nursery beside his bunny and on his lambskin rug. {This month we used the chair at Granny's instead.}


  1. Aw, happy three months! What a cutie! I hope your back pain subsides very soon.

  2. LOOK how much he has grown. He is so alert! I'm glad he's sleeping through now, and you need your sleep!


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