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39 Weeks & Maternity Leave

I'm currently 39+1 weeks and the baby is still the size of a watermelon!

I finished work on Friday so today was the first official day of my maternity leave. I'm planning to take almost the full year which means I wont return to work until January 2013! I spent my first day off washing more baby clothes and packing some of my hospital bag before meeting friends for dinner.

Yesterday, my best friends threw me a baby shower which was fantastic and a lovely way to spend the afternoon. I will write more about it soon but it included family, friends, a baby, tea, cakes, fabulous games, a brilliantly decorated cake and lots of lovely gifts for the baby.

I don't see the midwife again until Thursday so tomorrow I'm going to finish packing my bag and the baby's bag and complete my birth plan. Then its just a waiting game!


  1. You look so happy! Stay safe and enjoy these last few days, then I hope you have a quick and painless childbirth (a girl can dream, right?) and then you'll be home before you know it with a beautiful baby boy :)
    So happy for you and the family!


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