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2011: My year in review

Despite saying last year that I wasn't sure 2011 would come anywhere close to the fabulous 2010 we had, have as much excitement in it or that we would manage four holidays again, I think we did pretty well!

I carried on with my honeymoon recaps.

I met some of the blog girls and went to London for my brother-in-laws 30th.

I finally finished my recaps & all wedding related posts!
We had lunch at La Potiniere.

We visited both Bratislava & Vienna.


While there, we celebrated our 1st anniversary!

Followed by dinner at The Kitchin when we returned home.
I also went to a Hollywood Hen do!

We attended a weekend wedding celebration in Perthshire.

We made a Travel Map with our paper anniversary gift.

My blog turned 2.
We discovered I was pregnant just a few weeks after finding out my sister was too!

We went to Marrakech for a week where Graham turned 30.

Zoe & Neil got married followed by A Dizzy Girl who married her Irish Boy.

I went to London for a few days.
We had our first scan then announced my pregnancy to the world!

Soon after we were able to also reveal my sister was pregnant too!

I met the blog girls again.
Graham was the best man at his cousin Andrew's wedding to Elaine.

I attended the first ever Blook Club meet but haven't managed to make any of the others!
We had our second scan and discovered its a boy!

My nephew Enzo turned 2 and we went to London to celebrate.

I went to Manchester for the weekend with my friends to celebrate all of our 30th's.

We spent a week in the Peak District with my family and celebrated Christmas in October.

My sister Ashleigh, her husband Patrick & son Enzo then moved to Australia and we had a tearful goodbye at the airport!

We went for a mini 4D Scan so we could see the baby again.

I had Christmas in November with the blog girls.
We spent a long weekend in Cologne enjoying the Christmas markets to celebrate my birthday and as our last trip just the two of us!

I turned 30.
Then it was Christmas!

Turns out 2011 was full of holidays again, as well as lots of babies!

2012 has already got off to a fabulous start with the arrival of my niece in Australia and now we look forward to our own new arrival in just a few weeks time. Then we have a summer of hen do's and weddings to look forward too as I'm a bridesmaid for both my best friend Lucy and Grahams sister Hazel followed by a trip to Perth, Australia later on in the year.

I still have to write about my sisters wedding at the end of 2010 and some of our trips last year, all of which I hope to finish before the baby arrives!


  1. What an amazing year! I love following your stories and can't wait to "meet" the little bean :). I somehow thing 2012 will be even better for you!

  2. This was a brilliant year!

    Also YOU MADE A PERSON INSIDE YOU. That's pretty good going for a year.

  3. What a year my dear!! (Love that we're in this post too!) 2012 is going to be an even more exciting year!! :)

  4. Quite a year but I think 2012 might be bigger still!
    So glad you posted this, this week. Meant I didn't feel bad that I hadn't done a 2011 round up yet.


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