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40 Weeks

I'm currently 40+1 weeks and the baby is the size of a jack fruit (or a small pumpkin).

My due date came and went on Sunday without any sign of baby but this will definitely be my last bump update as I'm going in to the hospital tomorrow to be induced.

I enjoyed my first week of maternity leave then saw the midwife again on Thursday. I was only measuring 35.5 when I should have been 39 or 40 so she arranged for me to go for a scan this morning to check my fluid levels.

I spent Saturday bridesmaid dress shopping with my friends then we enjoyed a meal at Pizza Express and the cinema. Just in case anything was going to be wrong at the scan, we spent Sunday cleaning, organising the flat, stocking up the fridge, freezer and cupboards and making sure all my bags and the baby's bag were packed, ready to take with us!

The baby was fine at my scan but the fluid levels were reduced around him so I was sent to the hospital for another scan then put on a trace monitor for an hour. While baby is doing well they were concerned enough about the reduced fluid that they want to induce me, just in case my placenta is starting to fail.

Hopefully ill be back in a few days with some news!


  1. You already know how excited I am, wishing you all good things for today, cant wait for the next post!

  2. A small pumpkin! O_O Wow!!

    And eeeee... the next post will be super super exciting indeed! :D xx

  3. Eeeeep how exciting!! Hope everything goes wonderfully for you! Can't wait for your news! x

  4. Ooooh... a lil late but have a safe delivery!! Can't wait to meet the new bub!!


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