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38 Weeks

I'm now 38 weeks and since baby reached full term at 37 weeks, he will arrive some time in the next 4 weeks. The baby is the size of a watermelon (or a leek).

Bump is still growing as you can see below and my mum noticed a big difference once they returned from their 3 weeks in Australia. They were there for Christmas and the arrival of my niece last week so got to spend some time with her and lots of time with my nephew before they came home in time for the next arrival!

Ive ordered some pictures for the baby's room and I'm waiting on a few other things including a mobile, some fabric storage baskets and a large swaddle blanket. We've washed all of the baby clothes, muslins, moses basket bedding, sheets, towels, swaddles and blankets in preparation for his arrival and now all I need to do is actually pack the bags for the hospital! We built the pram at my parents house last weekend and the car seat is ready to go in the car. Today we got our room sorted and moved the moses basket beside my side of the bed, as you can see in the photo above.

I'm still feeling good although sleeping is still not great with all the toilet breaks and needing to move around a lot. I'm really looking forward to being able to sleep on my back again! I saw the midwife last Monday and everything was fine, I'm measuring on track and he is lying in the correct position, he just needs to move further down.

Only 5 more days at work until my maternity leave starts!


  1. You look great! I can't believe it's so close! I have to tell you it is nice to be able to sleep on my back again :)

  2. Look at you! Best of luck and hope he makes an appearance soon :)

  3. Oh wow! I hope the next few weeks go well too. It sounds like you are getting prepared.

  4. How exciting! Your little one will be here before you know it!

  5. Eeeee! Look at your bump :D Oh how exciting! Hadn't thought about not being able to sleep on your back... so much I don't know isn't there!!

  6. not long, not long, not long!!!!

  7. Baby R is going to be here soooooon! I can't wait to meet him. You are so organised G. When I am pregnant, I might need to to come and organise me, ok?

    (As an aside, I like your top!)


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