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03.04.10 Our Day by Design: Ceremony Part 2

We had chosen to sign the register in front of everyone, rather than going into the small vestry, so after a prayer, we made our way up the stairs to the alter.

We signed the register then our witnesses, my sister and Grahams cousin, also signed before we posed for a few photos of the occasion.

After we were married, the whole congregation sang the blessing which was lovely and the minister gave his address. Graham’s uncle Brian then did the reading entitled ‘This Day I married my best friend’. Then we just had the final hymn to go, or so we thought!

As if the first surprise wasn’t enough, the minister then announced that there was another one to come! This time, my aunt, Janice, and Graham's aunt, Heather, who are also our godmothers, got up to present us with a bible signed by them on our wedding day. Again they had discussed this with the minister beforehand but im not sure who thought of the idea first.

We then sang the final hymn 'The Lords My Shepherd', before we could begin the recessional...

(All images by Craig & Eva Sanders)


  1. Your ceremony looked absolutely gorgeous. Where in Edinburgh did you get married? I'm moving there in three weeks!

  2. I love your pictures, they look like pictures from some royal European wedding :)

  3. What a great surprise! That is the perfect way to end your beautiful ceremony.

  4. So many sweet surprises! And I loved that you did the signing in front of everyone. We forgot until the next day to sign ours!

  5. I love these surprises in your ceremony (Just read part 1 too). So wonderful that your family did that for you. And the ceremony looks beautiful. The church is gorgeous.

  6. Anonymous13/8/10 19:48

    Awww, love you had so many surprises on your day :)

    (Also still going 'the dress, the dress!' especially pic 2!!)

  7. Such wonderful surprises! How fantastic that your family got involved. My hand shook so badly when I had to sign the register it doesn't look anything like my signature.

  8. Oh how I love and adore that you were presented with a signed bible and then had a song to sing. That is just too amazing!

  9. Anonymous23/8/10 21:06

    How lovely of your guests to surprise you (and to put so much effort into it). That must have made the ceremony even more special


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