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Something old, new, borrowed & blue!

I did a post about this tradition ages ago but thought it was time for an update since I now have everything sorted!

Old - My Grandmothers sapphire ring {she left me this ring when she died so I really wanted to wear it; I got the jewellers to clean it for me this week and it looks lovely & sparkly again}.
New - My dress; Although I could use almost everything im wearing; shoes, jewellery, veil, tiara etc!
Borrowed - The garter my mum wore at her wedding.
Blue - The sapphire ring would also count but my sister got me blue I Do rhinestones that can go on the bottom of my shoes.

...and I also have a sixpence for my shoe which my aunt gave me at my hen weekend!


  1. Great list! The sapphire ring sounds beautiful! Sapphire is my birthstone, and I have a few pieces of sapphire jewelry. My something blue for the wedding will be a small ribbon on the back of my garter.

  2. Oh those all sound lovely. Can't wait to see pictures of them all!

  3. It's so lovely that your Old and Borrowed have personal significance for you. This is definitely one tradition I'm looking forward to.

  4. I almost did the blue "I Do" adhesives for the bottom of my shoes, too. How funny. I love your ring for the touching. I will be wearing my grandma's sister's bracelet at our reception. It is a gold bracelet that my Great Aunt Jellybean (that's what we called her because her name was Geraldine) owned for many years. All of the grandchildren will get to wear it at their weddings (my sister already wore it on her day) and it will go perfect with my reception dress!


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