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Table Names & Table Plan

I wrote about our plan for the table names here and our list of possible names. We narrowed them down and since we only need 10 tables in total, we are using the following:

Empire State Building
Chrysler Building
Guggenheim Museum
Statue of Liberty
Rockefeller Center
Flatiron Building
Grand Central Station
United Nations Building
Trump World Tower
Brooklyn Bridge

The top table is the Empire State Building and the bridesmaids and ushers are sitting at the Chrysler Building!

Since we are having tall flower centrepieces on each table {except for the top table which will have low flowers}, I decided that I didnt want to use the normal table number holders that our venue has. Instead we bought square wooden frames from HobbyCraft that I painted with the purple paint we got for our G&G letters. I completed them all on Saturday and I think they all turned out great.

Inside each frame I put the table name on white sparkly paper which was then punched at the top with the Cityscape edge punch that we bought in the states. The paper was mounted on grey then purple card like we used for the invites.

I also made my own table plan, also using the same sort of design as the table names. The only addition was some of the purple ribbon along the bottom of each list of names, which followed the design of the placecards, which I havent shown yet.

I got an A1 piece of foamboard to use as the backing for the table plan which I cut into a square the same width as the board. I then covered the board with paper which was the same colour as we used on the invites; I managed to find big sheets from Shepherds who had really quick delivery as well {im also using the same paper as the backing sheets for the polaroid pogo prints in the guest book}.

Each list of names was printed on the white sparkly paper then punched at the top and ribbon put at the bottom. They were then mounted on grey and then purple card. Each square was then attached to the backing board with 3mm raised foam pads, to give it more interest. The top table list was done at the top on a rectangle then I added a square with our names and the wedding date, a much bigger version than we used on the invite bellybands.

The table plan will be put onto an easel at the entrance to the room we are having dinner in; the guests will see it after they have passed the receiving line.


  1. Everything looks great! Love the seating chart! Will bookmark this for when I need to do them!

  2. They look AWESOME! Go you with being super organised. We wrote a seating chart onto a piece of cardboard at about 2am the night before the wedding. Yours is SO MUCH BETTER!

  3. Anonymous31/3/10 09:32

    Looks fantastic and so professional! Well done you!

  4. You are a complete crafting marvel. I don't think I shall ever be able to aspire to your lofty heights and nifty-ness with glue.

    Perhaps in the summer you could do some how-to posts as I can't be the only one to wonder how you managed to make all this lovely stuff...your guest post on invitations was brilliant...

  5. Wow these look amazing! You've done a fab job!! xx

  6. We're still deciding on our table names I thought about Scottish Islands we'd visited on with our top table being the proposal location but then someone would need to sit at Mull and we had a rotten holiday on Mull - back to the drawing board. I'm with Chocolate lover although I've book marked all of your DIY posts for when I get organised.

  7. Anonymous31/3/10 18:46

    Wow! You've been hard at work!! I love them :)

    P.S. What is this organised thing that they speak of? ;)

  8. Oh, I would so want to be at the Rockerfeller!

    You are a crafty marvel!


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