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Kilts & bridesmaids dress fittings!

We started off on Saturday by getting the best man, Andrew, and one of our ushers, Jake, measured for their kilts. We are hiring them at the same place that Graham and his dad bought theirs so we are getting a good deal for the 3 of them. Murray, our other usher, got measured for his during the week. Rather than having everything too matchy, we have gone for different tartans for each one. Andrew will have Black Watch, Jake the Modern Douglas and Murray, the Scottish National Tartan, all of which are green based which ties in with Grahams green tartan.

Following our visit to the kilt shop, we met bridesmaids Lucy & Karen-Louise and, along with Hazel, we went to their 1st dress fitting. It was great to see their actual dresses and the colour is lovely and exactly as I expected. All of them need the hem to be fixed and then there are some bodice alterations needed on a couple, but nothing the seamstress thought would be a problem at all. I'm looking forward to seeing Helen in hers next Monday and Ashleigh in hers next Friday, before they all go back on Saturday for their 2nd fitting.

While we were at the fitting, Graham went and bought me the jewellery i had seen to wear at the wedding, as his wedding gift to me. I got earrings and a necklace and they are both gorgeous; solitaire princess cut diamond stud earrings and a solitaire princess cut diamond pendant on a white gold chain. They both match my engagement ring really well and I love that I will always be able to wear my wedding day jewellery.

After a lovely lunch to catch up, we went to the jewellers to pick up Grahams watch we had ordered last weekend. The watch looks great and they fitted it to him at the shop. He isn't allowed to wear it until the big day, the same as my jewellery and although neither of us will get a surprise, we both preferred to be able to choose what we would love.

Earlier on that day I returned the dress I had already bought for my hen night here, as I felt that I wouldn't actually wear a strapless dress that often here and felt it looked more like something I would wear to a wedding, rather than a night out. I exchanged it for the dress below from Coast instead. However, I have since been informed that I have to wear black & purple on the Friday night of the hen weekend, which is all very mysterious, so I will have to keep it for the Saturday night or take it on honeymoon instead.

Coast Harriett Drape Dress
(Image from

Since Grahams sister Hazel and her boyfriend Jake were up for the weekend for their fittings, we went down to Grahams parents on Saturday night to have dinner with everyone and catch up properly since I knew I was also going to be busy all day on Sunday. We will see them in 2 weeks anyway for our hen and stag nights.

We went to the church on Sunday were we managed to confirm with the pianist that our ceremony music / hymn choices were ok. He did warn that my chosen processional piece is quite long and he wouldn't want to cut it but I think since there are 6 bridesmaids then me to get down the aisle I think we can manage it!

After church we brought my flowergirl Georgia and her mum to mums so she could try on her dress again, as she has grown lots in the last 5 months. Unfortunately, the original dress doesn't fit anymore, as we had thought, so we headed into town to look for another and for shoes for her to wear. She is really tall for her age and since the original dress was a John Lewis size 12-13, there wasn't any point in going there as all of the dresses would have been too short. We found a possibility in the BHS catalogue but unfortunately they don't have them in store to try on. We tried another dress for size comparison but when we got home the dress online was out of stock in her size! We did manage to find suitable shoes in BHS though and I am probably going to buy them this week. She has the same size feet as me so we couldn't get any children's shoes. We also found a possible dress in Debenhams although again they didn't have her size. They don't have the dress for sale online so I'm going to find out if any of the other stores nearby stock it. However, this evening, since Debenhams sale started online, I managed to find another dress in her size, which might just work. If not, it will be easy to return in store and we will have to think of another solution, one of which could be to get a dress made by the seamstress.

Pearce II Fionda Ivory Cross Over Dress
(Image from here)