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25 days to go!

Its only 25 days until the wedding today!

(Image from the knot)

This last few weeks have just flown and I cant believe we are almost at 3 weeks to go!

We have had a busy time lately with meetings, appointments, dress fittings, what happened with my work and trying to find a replacement dress for our flowergirl. Turns out I couldn't order a new dress since they are out of stock so I went back to Debenhams today and they gave me another 30% off the dress since it was so dirty. Now i just need to get it dry cleaned by the cleaner recommended by my dress shop and hope that it turns out ok!

This week I have been assembling some of the order of service's, with the help of mum and dad, and we now have 63 made. Since we only have 90 or so to make, we are almost finished. Ashleigh & my nephew Enzo are coming up tomorrow and I'm so excited about seeing them again. Thursday we will be preparing for the weekend before Ashleigh has her dress fitting and I have my hair and make-up trials on Friday before the hen weekend starts!


  1. How exciting! My post seems so insignificant compared to yours! Hope everything works out with the dress!

  2. eeek exciting, how are you doing, you've been in my thoughts. Hope a life of leisure has made you even more wedding productive.

  3. Wow! It will go by so fast! Enjoy these last weeks of prep!

  4. Time is a exciting.

  5. Enjoy the last part of being a fiancee. It goes so quickly!

  6. I can't believe how close its getting now! I'm terrified of mine getting this close, I feel very unorganised still.


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