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10 days to go!

Just 10 days till the wedding!

(Image from the knot)

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks but got lots done which was great.

I had my hair & make-up trials and my fantastic hen weekend. I picked up all of the bridesmaids dresses as well as the flowergirls dress from the cleaners {it came out lovely} and got her shoes too. I got my engagement ring cleaned and I'm going to pick it up today. I have also been buying bits and pieces for our honeymoon and I also got my typhoid injection for it too. Our tickets arrived for the honeymoon yesterday.

We have paid for lots of things in the last few weeks too including the photographer, venue, cars, chair covers, florist, seamstress and also the piper which we just booked last week. We have booked one to play when the guests arrive at the venue and to pipe us to the top table at dinner.

We have finished all of the order of service's and I have also printed an extra 30 without the card overlay in case we have additional guests at the church. The 30 menu's are also completed as well as all of the placecards. I have to thank my parents for helping getting everything done! I finished the table plan yesterday and I have also printed all of the table names. I started painting our letters today and will continue with painting the table name frames this week. The bridesmaids gifts are all packed into the gift boxes I got and I just need to make cards for them. I also ordered a custom stamp with 5 questions written that I'm going to stamp into the guest book beside the space left for the Polaroid Pogo photo prints.

So now that most of the DIY stuff is done, I'm concentrating on getting the last stuff organised for our honeymoon and have a few appointments made for the next week. I'm getting a facial tomorrow; picking up our marriage schedule on Monday; getting my eyebrows waxed next Wednesday; then having a manicure & pedicure next Friday, the day before the wedding. We have decided to have dinner after the rehearsal on the Friday, before me and my bridesmaids all go to my mums to stay over. We are also going to have a lunch the day after the wedding, at the venue, for our families and all of the guests that are staying over.

Oh and I have also started looking at the weather forecasts although I'm not sure if that's a good idea! Graham is also getting laser eye surgery today so I'm going to take him to/from his appointment at lunchtime after we have picked up our US dollars to take on honeymoon!


  1. Oh my god how exciting! Do you feel really stressed or strangely calm now?

  2. Sounds like it’s all coming together! How exciting!

  3. It's so close! How quickly it's come around. You sound so prepared and calm, hope you enjoy these last few days of still being Miss before the joy of being Mrs!

  4. Oh wow! How exciting! Sounds like everything is going smoothly! Hope everything goes well with Graham's surgery!

  5. I can't believe it is only 10 days when I first started following it felt like you had ages to go. Time flies when you are having fun! Stop looking at the weather forecast you can't control it! Enjoy the pampering.

  6. Anonymous24/3/10 22:58

    Weather forecasts will drive you nuts and the day will be fabulous anyway! But if you insist, my friend swears that accuweather is always spot on....

  7. Enjoy the last few days. Hope it's all smooth sailing and relaxing!

  8. Eeeek...thats just around the corner!


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