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Busy day!

I had a really busy day today {its really easy to fill your days when you aren't working} with my sister Ashleigh, nephew Enzo and bridesmaids Lucy & Karen-Louise.

We started by looking for shoes for Ashleigh to wear for the wedding since she needs them for her dress fitting tomorrow. We tried some in Debenhams & Faith but eventually got a lovely silver pair of bridal shoes in Monsoon. From there we went to meet Lucy and her baby daughter Emily for lunch. After a nice lunch we all headed to Asda to meet Karen-Louise and her son Declan so that we could get supplies for the hen weekend. Although we are going out tomorrow night, on Saturday we are staying in wherever we are going to stay so we needed lots of alcohol and mixers! It was quite a funny and odd looking trip around Asda with 2 massive trolleys full of wine, spirits & mixers that Lucy & Karen-Louise pushed with Declan sitting in 1, then me and Ashleigh pushing Enzo & Emily in their car seats!

Once we had everything stashed into the 3 cars we had between us, we had a coffee before we picked up the last few things we would need for the weekend, tights & eyeshadow in my case. Once I dropped Ashleigh & Enzo back at mums I went to pick up my tiara which had arrived at the bridal shop then headed to Rachel Scott to pick up my new longer length veil. I was so glad they had both arrived as I wanted to take them to my hair trial tomorrow morning. Now I'm home I'm supposed to be packing but blogging instead! I still don't know where we are going tomorrow yet, I have just been told to wear something black & purple to go out tomorrow night, to take a bikini or swimsuit, to take my ipod dock then just to remember something else to wear for the Saturday night. I cant wait to see what my bridesmaids have planned for the weekend, so exciting!


  1. How exciting! Take lots of pics!

  2. Good luck with the hair trial. Have fun - and we want pictures!

  3. That is so exciting. Good luck! I am sure you are in safe hands!

  4. Oh my gosh your wedding is so soon!! I'm so excited for you. :) Good luck with your hair trial and I might have to live vicariously through you now that my own wedding is over! :)


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