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We can definitely get married!

I picked up our marriage schedule at the registrars this morning; which means we can definitely get married! When I was there I had to sign to say I had picked it up in a fountain pen, the same thing we will use on Saturday and they are hard to use! Maybe I should practice beforehand! He also reminded me that I have to sign my name as it just now and not my new surname! We will take the schedule to the rehearsal on Friday to give to the minister before Saturday. After the service he is going to deliver it to the registrars so we don't need to worry about it at the reception.

After lunch with bridesmaid Lucy and her daughter Emily, I picked up a few more things we needed; coloured pens for the guest book & plastic wallets to put the hings for each table in, as well as some toothbrushes, tissues & contact lens drops to take on honeymoon. On my way back to Edinburgh I had to go to HobbyCraft AGAIN to get more glue, then into the Body Shop to get some blotting tissues before getting some underwear in Debenhams. Last night I ordered some penny heels to stop us sinking into the grass so hopefully they will come soon. I think I now have everything I need for our honeymoon too as we spent Sunday shopping in Edinburgh. I treated myself to some lovely Oakley sunglasses and also managed to get a sun hat, 2 dresses, 2 tops, a skirt, 3 books & a DS game!

This evening we went to Norton House to meet the manager who will be acting as our toastmaster on Saturday. He was really nice and we just ran through the timings and talked over all of the details. All that is left for me to do is sort everything into tables and deliver everything to the hotel on Thursday.

Just 5 days to go!


  1. So many last minute details. So exciting though!

  2. I'm so excited for you. You sounds organised which is GREAT! Not last minute madness like us.

    Fountain pens are hard to use. Make sure to practice!

  3. 1) YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! you can get married!
    2) you must be hobbycrafts best customer!
    3) you are possibly the most organised bride I have ever read about, well done you!

  4. Anonymous30/3/10 11:41

    Yay! I always need you could ;)

    And yes Hobbycraft are going to wonder where you are after this weekend!!

  5. Sooo awesomely exciting!

    My friend wrote her married name when the priest jokingly said she should.


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