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Quick update!

My hair & make-up trials on Friday both went well and I was really pleased with the results and glad I had scheduled them both on the same day so that I could see the whole look together. It also meant I looked fab for the start of my hen weekend on Friday afternoon {well, until various items were shoved onto my head!}

My hen weekend was fantastic and I enjoyed every second of it; all of my bridesmaids did a fabulous job of arranging everything and it all went to plan. We had the bridesmaids 2nd dress fittings in the middle of it and they all looked great. Helen's needed another quick adjustment but the seamstress did it really quickly and I picked them all up today & paid for all the alterations. I also got my typhoid injection that I need for our honeymoon to Sri Lanka.

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up the flowergirls dress from the dry cleaners, her shoes from BHS and I'm going to put my engagement ring in to get cleaned as well as paying for our wedding cars and paying the rest of our venue cost.

Picture posts will follow this week showing my hair, make-up & all of the events of the hen weekend!


  1. Sounds great! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. oooh piccies I can't wait.

  3. ooh...share pictures of the hair trial and hen's weekend! My bachelorette party is this Saturday night and I am so looking forward to some relaxing hang out time with my girly girls! I can't believe you are only 2 1/2 weeks away now! Exciting stuff...

  4. So glad you're hen weekend was good!


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