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Lego Bride & Groom; Gifts & Ring Bowl!

A while ago I shared this Lego Wedding that I had found and thought was so good since I loved Lego growing up! While doing some random searching for inspiration I came across this picture and knew I just had to find a Lego Bride & Groom for us too {not sure I really had too but you know what I mean}. You can see loads more pictures on redshoegirl's nest page here.

Lego Bride, Groom & Rings
(Image from here)

I managed to find some on Ebay, from seller houselibrary, that also had grooms with kilts. I ordered the ones below and they arrived the other day and are brilliant, how cute is the green kilt! I also got some purple flowers to go with the bride figure.

Lego Bride Kitty & Lego Groom Desmond
(Images from here & here)

Lego Bride & Groom when they arrived!

I also mentioned in my previous Lego Wedding post about possibly getting some lego figure cufflinks for the best man and ushers for a funny gift. I dont want to post pictures of their gifts until they all see them but we got them some Storm Trooper Lego Cufflinks from Etsy seller Crimson King. They arrived the other day and are so funny; im not entirely sure whether we should let them wear them on the day but they would make a great picture!

The other gift we ordered for the best man & ushers and all of the bridesmaids gifts have also now arrived, I wont share pictures of them either as I want them all to be surprised but they all look great! I found lovely gable boxes in John Lewis that im going to put all of the bridesmaids gifts in and give them to them the night before the wedding. I think I have managed to cover everything they may need on the day so all they need to bring are their underwear and shoes!

You will have seen in the Lego pic above that the figures are standing on a Paloma's Nest box. I have wanted a personalised ring bowl for ages and a few weeks ago Kat from Rock 'n Roll Bride posted about them offering free worldwide shipping in one of her Thursday Treats posts, if you ordered before the 1st of March, so I thought I would take advantage of it. I plan to put it in the bathroom as I always have to take my rings off to shower, to use my cleanser & to put hand cream on so it will be much better to have somewhere to put them. I got our names and our wedding date on it just for a keepsake, not to use on the wedding day.


  1. Those Lego figures are so cute!

  2. So incredibly cute! Love them!

  3. The lego figures are great! I love lego! I need to get one of those ring dishes! They are so useful.

  4. Anonymous10/3/10 21:51

    Love the Lego bride and groom – and v impressed he's got a kilt on!!

  5. Lego bride and groom = awesome. You should do a ring shot like that - it's classic!

  6. Anonymous11/3/10 22:15

    Those are fantastic, great find!

  7. I love your lego's figures!!! You'll definitely get awesome pictures with the bestman and ushers wearing the lego's cufflinks too! It'll be like a theme! :)


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