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My Wedding Ring

As I mentioned in my update post, we paid for and picked up our wedding rings a few weeks ago and I love how mine turned out.

Our Wedding Rings

We ordered both rings back in November; Graham chose a 5mm band in palladium and I got them to order the ring I had designed myself from images of different rings I liked.

I gave them the image above as a guide {even though it was was the wrong flat shape} and asked them to make me a 3mm court shape band with 6 princess cut diamonds in platinum, to match my engagement ring which is a platinum court shape band with a square princess cut diamond solitaire.

L-R: My Wedding Ring; With my Engagement Ring

I'm so pleased that I got my ring made as I now have an individual ring and exactly what I wanted. I cant wait to wear it properly in just 11 days! We also got them engraved at the jewellers and since I couldn't get too much on mine with the hallmark and the back of the diamonds inside, we just got our initials {G & G} and the wedding date {03.04.10} on them both.


  1. 11 days! So exciting!
    That ring is beautiful. It matches seamlessly with your engagement ring. Great choice.

  2. How thrilling. To have designed your perfect ring! I cannot wait to decide on ours!

  3. Your rings are gorgeous! How exciting that you designed your own!

  4. Anonymous24/3/10 12:35

    Beautiful, it really compliments your engagement ring as well.

  5. love it! I'm so excited to see these because we're going to look at rings this weekend, also, 10 day?!?! OMG! eeep!

  6. Bet you can't wait to wear it. I love wearing my rings all the time now. Love that you got them engraved too.


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