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1 month to go!

I cant believe this will be my last month to go post as from now I'm counting in weeks & days!

We have managed to achieve lots in the last month, and I thought it would be easier to re-cap in a list:
  • Posted the evening invites;
  • Had our food tasting;
  • Met the minister & our photographers;
  • Paid for the rest of my dress;
  • Had my 1st & 2nd dress fittings;
  • 3 bridesmaids have had their 1st fittings;
  • Started the order of service';
  • Made mock-ups of the placecards;
  • Made up all of the favours & bought Easter eggs for the kids;
  • Ordered my veil & tiara;
  • Bought Grahams watch;
  • Graham bought me my jewellery;
  • Ordered gifts for the bridal party;
  • Ordered gifts for our parents;
  • Got our wedding rings engraved, I just picked them up;
  • Bought a Lego bride & groom;
  • Submitted our marriage notice forms;
  • Bought frames for the table names;
  • Bought hair combs & pashmina's for the bridesmaids;
  • Paid for the coach for the guests;
  • Received most of the RSVP's;
  • Had a first manicure, arranged another for tomorrow & started growing my nails;
  • Bought a couple of bikini's for our honeymoon;
  • Paid for the photographers;
  • Sorted out vaccinations, I just need a typhoid booster!

Phew, that's a big list and im sure I have missed a few things but im glad we managed to achieve so much since we have only 31 days to go!

The next month is going to be so busy as well although I'm hoping that we can get the order of service's, placecards & table names / table plan finished in a couple of weeks so that we can spend the last couple of weeks relaxing before the big day! This weekend coming I have my 3rd dress fitting then me and mum are meeting the florist on Sunday. There are also a few things I need to paint including our G&G letters, the table name frames & letter tags to go on the bridesmaids gifts.

I'm so excited about next week as Helen has her bridesmaids dress fitting on Monday, Ashleigh and my nephew Enzo arrive on Wednesday and we have Ashleigh's bridesmaids dress fitting on Friday followed by my hair & make-up trials. Then Friday night is the start of my hen weekend, which I know nothing about except that we are going somewhere near Edinburgh to stay for 2 nights. The bridesmaids are also having their 2nd dress fitting on Saturday morning.

This month I'm also hoping to finally get round to writing all of the posts recapping all the events over the last few months; including the Cotswold's, the Christening, Florida, Christmas & all the wedding items we managed to accumulate during this time!


  1. Oh my goodness, how exciting! I'm sure the last month will fly by, but your list of tasks has really scared me - had no idea there was so much to do in the run up to a wedding.

  2. So exciting! That's quite a list you've got going. Good luck with everything.

  3. Sounds like you’re right on track! This month will fly by!

  4. You have been a busy bee! Good for you for getting so much done! Its exciting to be so close!

  5. Oh it is just sooo exciting.

  6. Anonymous3/3/10 22:00

    Oh my! One month to go! How exciting!! :D

  7. The count down is on! You sound like you've got everything under control. Enjoy the last part of being a fiancee - it just flies by.

    P.s. Sorry I haven't been around, my blogroll has been playing up and deleting people - but I've added you again now so I don't miss out!

  8. Trust me the time flies once you hit the 30 day mark...hang on and enjoy the ride!!!!

  9. I love lists! YOur wedding must be the week after ours.. it feels like time is accelerating!


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