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2nd dress fitting!

I had my 2nd dress fitting at the seamstress today at lunchtime.

Since I was there a couple of weeks ago, she had fixed all of the areas on the bodice that needed altered. It was lovely to finally see the dress as it should fit! The zip was a bit stiff so she will need to sort that for next time which will also help take in the final fit on the top of the bodice. She then pinned the hem to the required length at the front, since I had taken my shoes with me and we also looked at options for the bustle. The dress has quite a long train so I definitely need a bustle to keep that bit up, however when its up, the sides still trail quite a lot so she is also going to put one in at each side to make 3. My extra item had been altered too and it fits much better, she just needs to alter a couple of bits at the back. Rachel had dropped my veil off but we forgot to try it before she pinned the bustle's up so we will check the lenght of it when I go back.

I am going to go back again this Saturday, the 6th of March, for my 3rd fitting to check all of the alterations are fine. Mum is going to come with me so that she can see how to do the dress up properly and be shown how to do the bustles for the actual day. If everything is ok, I will bring my dress home so she is going to make sure it is pressed before then. If I get to bring it home {well to my mums} it will be great to be able to put in on next Friday after I have my hair and make-up trials so that we can see the whole look together!


  1. Thats exciting! Hope its all ready by the next fitting then!

  2. Glad you’ll soon be able to see the whole look together! How fun! :)

  3. Glad it is all coming together. I can't wait to see it all.


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